Peter Michalík



Evolution. This almost magical word explains the origin of life on earth. Almost everyone knows from school what it means. Now we will show in detail that it is a theory based on mangled speculation. If you read this thin book to the end, it may change forever your view of life, its origin and meaning.



So, what is the theory of evolution and how is it originated? It is taught in elementary schools and even in universities as the only possible theory of the origin of life and this is the cause of so much atheism. In some places it is even forbidden to teach another theory. Darwin in his most famous work “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” studied various finches on the Galapagos Islands. So, what did he observe? He observed different beak shapes of these little birds in different environments, adapted to the nature of their food. Was this observation correct? Yes. What conclusions did he make and what is the essence of his theory? The main engines of the theory of evolution are two elements. It is the mutability, the random mutation of a new population. This means that in the new population there are individuals with different features in the body structure. The second one is the natural choice (selection). This means that the best adapted individuals reproduce themselves, that means those who are more viable, fiercer, stronger, faster, eat more food, escape faster the predators, or are possibly more attractive to the female. To future generations thus gets only genetic information from the fittest individuals and thus leads to some kind of development.

So, mutability provides enough “material” and the natural selection chooses it’s best. Selection does not bring development, but reduces the quantity. Some creatures are born unattractive or poorly adapted and therefore they die. He observed that for generations these processes cause in these little birds changes in their bodies. He drew the conclusion that if there are such changes in these finches, then they might have been developed like this completely from the beginning; from a single cell could have developed life. Were the conclusions from this observation correct? As it happens, the truth was mixed with unsubstantiated speculation. So what was wrong?




The natural selection can not be generalized. Although the selection, or in other words, natural choice, works for perfect animals, let us see how this mechanism would work for the birth of an entirely new organism. Let us clear out first what the only method of the evolutionary process is. It is coincidence, the method of trial and error. As we know, this method does not dispose of any intelligence and creativity. The only criterion of success is whether the individual survived and that information will be transmitted to future generations, or if he did not survive. We will show this principle a little later on. Let us consider the evolution of a new species at an early stage of development. From one generation to another several changes have taken place, say, in the shape of a heart, the layout of the kidneys and other minor changes. Let us suppose that the individual did not survive, because the new layout of the kidneys was not functional. But the blind coincidence knows only that the individual did not survive, but does not know why! So, the coincidence will maybe attempting to make changes to the heart, but the cause of death of that individual were the dysfunctional kidneys. When the human creates something he can learn from his failed attempts. Blind coincidence can not do that. That failed attempt can not sell information about what exactly was the cause of its failure. This information is forever lost and other attempts of the evolution could repeat the same fatal mistake, which would lead to the extinction of life. And in addition to that, through this unsuccessful individual the information about its previous development is completely lost. Later we will explain, why such a development over millions of years is not possible.

Let us say that I want to throw on six dice just sixes, which would represent the creation of some detail in the body through a random process. For an entire human this would mean to throw the same number at the same time on at least several billion dice because a person has more than 3 billion letters in its genetic information. I tried it then, but I could not reach it even from 500 attempts. Not only did not fall alone sixes, neither did fall any equal numbers. So what can we observe in this method, which is the only driving force in the process of evolution.

I get the desired result for the x-th attempt of many failed attempts.




Evolutionists will confirm that evolution is a continuous process and this is very important. As the evolution is ongoing then the same mechanisms of the evolutionary process, as they were in the past, should be also observed in the present. Thus, we do not need any old fossilized excavations, but it is sufficient to just observe the current nature. Does it look like to you as if individual animals were developing themselves from tiny successful parts of the process of the method trial and error? Where are the huge amounts of failed attempts? Leopard, elephant, zebra, man – all creatures are perfect, and there are no visible desperate attempts of the evolution to create a better or a new species. Now I am not talking about diseases and defects that are not an improvement in terms of evolution.

This, and other photos of strange animals are of course only photomontages to illustrate how it would look if the theory of evolution was true.

The are no semi-lizards and semi-birds, half-fish and half-reptiles running around us. YOU CAN NOT SEE THEM ANYWHERE.

Let us take an example from building a house. The building of a house is, just as evolution, an ongoing process because in every moment I can find a house somewhere on the planet in any stage of construction, such as a building plan, delineation of structures, excavated pit on the foundation, finished foundation, basement slab, perimeter walls, roof and a finished house. And I did not even mention that in the beginning there has to be a thought that it would not be bad to have your own house. Not even this itself is enough, until I firmly decide myself that now I am going to start building my house. Then I direct my energy, intellect and resources to meet this resolution.

Let us now have a look on the tree of life from books about evolution. Let us take one branch from an unicellular creature to birds. Make a line from the bottom to the bird on the diagram. I should observe somewhere on our planet a bird, for example an eagle, at every stage of development from that unicellular organism to a perfect eagle. Thus the predecessor of an eagle, how it is changing from an aquatic animal to a bird. How from fins wings are formed and from scales feathers. After all, evolution takes place, so it should be obvious. However, we do not observe anything like that. No transitional stage in the whole earth visible. Why? Because the theory of evolution is nonsense.




The evolutionary theory claims that the animals evolved over millions of years from simple to complex forms. We will show that even this is pure nonsense. Let us say that in experiments with throwing dice, pure ones represent simple life forms, such as unicellular organisms and pure sixes complex forms, like a human. What can we thus observe? Blind coincidence has no opportunity to assess what is more complex and what is not! Only intelligence can distinguish between what is a higher and a lower level. Coincidence can not to assess if the new attempt is better or worse than the previous one. When I throw dice it is not observed that numbers are growing through every throw. One time they grow the other time they fall and so on. Mutation can not say that, well, now I am going to develop kidneys and other parts remain unchanged. The development as supposed by the theory of evolution, is developing the overall organism. Thus, there are changes in all organs at once. And as we have seen, coincidence could improve some things but degrade others! In the complexity of the organism such as a mammal, there are billions of dysfunctional ways how organs could be made. The only criterion for the natural selection is if the newly created individual survived or not. If he survived, he does not know why he survived. Whether this was due to a new cell wall that was “accidentally” created or if it was caused by something else. It just does not have where to know it from. So it does not even know what exactly to improve in following generations, as some organs and properties could have improved through the mutation and others on the contrary could be degraded. So, the generalized method of the natural selection at the early stages of development is limited to a single fact, whether the individual survived and this is totally inadequate in terms of some kind of spontaneous evolution from simple to complex forms. So, the spontaneous random process of evolutionary improvement is nonsense. Moreover, natural selection in the human population is absolutely excluded, because almost everyone survives. Mortality of mankind can be caused by wars, disasters, diseases, age, or lack of food, which is not relevant in terms of evolution.




Now we know things of which Darwin did not have any clue. We will explain something about the basics of genetics because these terms do not have to be known to everyone and we will be mentioning them later on. We know that every single cell in the body of any animal or plant contains in its core a complete information about the whole body structure. DNA is the carrier of this coded information, it is a deoxyribonucleic acid double helix. It is composed of different combinations of four nitrogenous bases (nucleotides) the abbreviations are A, C, G, T. The sequences of these four elements are a coded information about the whole structure of the organism. Three consecutive nucleotides encode a protein, which then the cell produces. It is called a triplet code. Not all combinations of genes code proteins. Such a DNA is called a non-coding DNA and humans have more than 98% of it. There is also a spread term for it “Junk DNA”. This term is incorrect and very misleading, because this DNA has a role and you can not remove it from the genome. Therefore, what you can not remove is not waste. Some also tend to argue that the presence of these parts of the DNA code, or sections without any known function, are proof of the evolution. How can this be prove of evolution? Just because we still do not understand what function do these parts of the code have, it does not mean that they are there in vain. The DNA helix is divided and cluttered into parts, which are called chromosomes. The human has in the core of every cell in the body 46 chromosomes, which are in pairs. Half from the father and half from the mother. Reproductive cells have only 23 chromosomes. At this micro level, there are specific and complex processes designed exactly for this purpose and it is unthinkable that this would be a creation of pure coincidence. For example, prior to cell division, this spiral unravels “by itself” and creates the exact copy “by itself”. Then the chromosomes gather “by themselves” in the middle of the cell, divide “by themselves” into halves on opposite sides of the cell and then the cell is divided “by itself” (see videos below). When you read about it in literature, please note the passive voice, which is used there, namely, from the spiral is made a copy, the chromosomes are divided, the cell is divided, this and this is done. We do not know how and why this happens. This is a microscopic God’s masterpiece. If some expert talks to you about it, he will flood you with lots of technical terms and it will seem that everything is understood. It just seems like that. The fact that we observe these processes in detail and give them lavishly-sounding names, does not mean anything else, than that we just described what we saw. However, we do not understand at all what drives these processes, why do chromosomes in the cell divide exactly as they should during the mitosis and meiosis? What causes the cell division? Why does the unraveling and duplication of the DNA helix work?






These processes are observed in plants and living creatures, therefore, also for so-called lower unicellular creatures across the tree of life to the most highly developed creatures and humans. Why did these processes not develop? Why are they just as perfect for the developmentally lower creatures as they are for humans? Because God set this mechanism of information coding for all creatures. And what does this mean? The fact that some creatures seem to be less developed, such as unicellular ones, does not mean that they are primitive and that after some time they become more complex creatures. It only means that God created life in such a diversity. When we talk about spontaneous improvement of organisms, we also talk about improving the DNA code, because the structure of an individual is described in the code. Evolutionists claim that the human is at the top of the development chain.

So why has the plant Paris Japonica 50 times! more genetic information than a human? The human DNA is almost 2m long and the DNA of the plant Paris Japonica is 91m long. We see that a complex notation does not necessarily represent a more evolved organism, as it could be expected from evolutionary principles.

Comparing the size of the genome will bring us further questions. For example, a human has 3.2Gb (billion pairs). Interestingly, the fish Protopterus aethiopicus has a 130Gb long DNA, which is 40 times more than the DNA of a human. Fish and amphibians should be forerunners of mammals though most of them have many times more DNA. Thus, in terms of evolution there would be no development, but rather at some point degradation and reduction of genetic information would have to occur. Interesting, right?

pic. wikipedia

When there was a new semi-species developing, for example from a lizard into a bird, there had to be a DNA with new information on feathers and the construction of wings. How? From where? The only method available for evolutionists is trial and error, what they call mutation. We have already said that evolution is still ongoing and that currently nothing like spontaneously created new animal species or attempts to create a new species are being observed.




I talked to a convinced evolutionist and I told him that the development of a new creature through evolution is about as likely as it would be for an explosion on a scrap yard to create an airliner. And do you know what he said? That statistically there is such a probability and therefore once such a plane must be created. And he really believed it. It seems that sometimes it makes more sense to use the common sense, then express mathematically that the probability of something like that is 1:1050. Because sometimes we just have to admit that although it is statistically acceptable, it is unrealistic and impossible. For it is clear that some processes in the manufacture require some skill and the need to maintain an accurate production process and the use of special tools. For comparison, the number of stars in the observable universe is approximately 1024 and the number of atoms in this mass is 1080. There have to be met so many terms that it is virtually impossible. If it worked like that, then poems, music, pictures and movies would be generated by the method trial and error in computers in random number generators. Now I do not mean specific programs programmed by intelligent beings, which by the way can neither do it absolutely reliably.

Let us run a random number generator on a computer and let us keep an eye on what images will appear. There should sometimes appear some nice picture of a girl then later a nice landscape, or at least a simple circle. I am convinced that there would be only noise, although statistically there should appear such pictures. For life to be an accident, can be compared to as if by coincidence by itself a film with nice follow-up scenes, a logical storyline and sound accurate to the film was developed. I am convinced that it is absolutely impossible for even two consecutive film frames with a downstream moving scene to be developed and let alone the entire movie with sound, which on average contains more than 100,000 film frames, which is in HD more than 200 billions of pixels, each pixel having a choice from a billion colors. And each value must exactly fit. Neither a new story with some exciting plot and a logical storyline can be developed. Or let us give a typewriter to untrained chimpanzees and after come years of effort there should be at least a short meaningful poem. This is also utopia. It is also impossible for trial and error to create new forms of life, although mathematically there is a slim chance.




If you have a regulator of temperature in the house, then it is obvious that this is a fairly sophisticated process and it is clear to everyone that it was created by someone intelligent and that it is designed to fulfill a specific task – namely to maintain the set temperature in the house. Or a camera, which is equivalent to the eye. The human has a lot of such regulatory mechanisms, which are much more complex and here is when most people admit that it was created through coincidence. Let us mention a few of these regulatory processes:


  • regulation of the body temperature

  • blood sugar

  • fat

  • digestive juices

  • the amount of incident light in the eye through the iris of, which is the equivalent of an aperture on the camera

  • focus of the eye lens

  • coordination of the eye movement

  • management of the stability and balance

  • control of the movement of the body

  • secretion of saliva

  • secretion of tears

  • regulation of enzymes of the thyroid

  • growth

  • melatonin – managing the daily cycle of body

  • regulation of erotic excitement

  • testosterone

  • endorphins

  • pulse rate of the heart

  • sweating

  • breathing (at night it switches to automatic)

  • immune mechanisms of the body

  • creation of globules

  • the amount of fluid in the body

  • regulation of the cell renewal

  • regulation of the cell death

  • many other regulatory processes at the cellular level

  • The genome is exactly encoded to know when the fetal heart should start beating, when the mother begins to form milk, when the mother will have contractions, when teeth should grow, hair growth, growth speed, sexual maturation; everything is precisely timed. And I certainly did not mention all of the processes.

Everything works exactly as it should. After all, it is obvious. How else should it be done? It is clear because someone precisely designed it that way. Coincidence would not be able to do something like this by itself.




Is it not suspicious that everything fits together nicely? It is a number of precisely closed cycles. Here are a few examples in nature and in living organisms:


  • photosynthesis during the day and at night and the breathing of humans, CO2 – O2

  • water cycle – the three states of water

  • cardiovascular circulation

  • the eye is sensitive to the visible spectrum, which is the most beautiful and even in color (red, blue and green receptors)

  • the transmitter and receiver of sound waves – vocal chords and ear tuned to the same frequency (human, bat, fish)

  • all plants incorporate information and a high potential of reproducing themselves in large quantities (plants do not contain only one seed; if it were like that, everything would be nicely created and would just as quickly disappear)

  • all animals are capable of reproduction and contain also complete genetic information and procedures for the development of new individuals

  • absolutely perfect complementation of the body structure and compatibility between the male and the female in each individual animal, while the internal structures are entirely different organs that have their meaning and complement each other. These differences have a precisely defined logical meaning. Thus, for example, differences relate specifically to reproduction and there is no difference between other vital organs of the man and the woman, thus we have an identical structure of the heart, eyes and other organs. Such a specific differentiation could never reach coincidence by itself.

  • perfect mechanism of processing power in the organism, which is also backwards compatible from start to finish

  • by digestion exact substances are being produced which can be processes by the cell

  • saliva contains enzymes that prepare the digestion

  • digestive juices in the stomach have the exact desired composition and furthermore reflect accurately the type of food eaten, for example. The digestive tract of cows is exactly adapted to digest grass

  • čguts are designed precisely for the purpose of transferring nutrients into the bloodstream

  • the liver function has its precise role

  • kidneys filter perfectly blood and divert waste products

  • excess energy is completely converted to fat

  • and a thing that is not at all evident is that fat can, if necessary, be re-converted into sugars, which are fuel for the cells. Coincidence did not have to do it like this at all and if it did not know it, each individual would die from overweight or it would have to be removed regularly surgically from each individual.


Here it is nicely shown that things that are obvious to us did not have to be done like that at all. Certainly I did not mention all the fascinating interlocking processes. This perfection is absolutely unattainable by trial and error and certainly not on the first time without failure attempts. All this is clear evidence of a Creator God.




When Darwin observed the natural selection and how variations occur from generation to generation, it was as if he was observing the behavior of numbers in a sorting algorithm, which is arranging numbers from the smallest to the largest and as if he was enthused about how nicely it works and what it does, he would nicely analyze and describe everything. But meanwhile he was just watching mechanisms, how God did them in the DNA code in perfectly functioning creatures. These mutations take place in clearly defined limits and they have their own rules. If those were blind mutations without any rules, so by mutations would be created such variations like instead of a hand there would be a foot and other similar wild creations.

Let us consider that I am modeling a doll from play dough. Do I want to have a different shape of the hand? I push my thumb where I want and the play dough is formed into the desired shape. Do I want any part of another material? No problem, I will take it and I see exactly what I do. But for plants and animals it does not work like that! If I want change, I need to change the code! But it is not so easy. The code is the procedure for the formation of proteins and cellular processes and those affect the shape, color, material, properties and the allocation of the cell or group of cells. Thus, without knowing the exact functionality and behavior of the whole mechanism it is not possible to just randomly make changes in the body structure.

Evolutionists do not give any thought to how the program written in the DNA originated and how it could evolve, respectively which part of it to remove.


It is basically a program and today’s programmers know that it is sufficient to make a little typo in the code or just forget the semicolon or close the parenthesis and the entire program stops working. When developing a code you can not even talk about some coincidence. It is necessary to think about each command and write it in relation to other parts of the program with a precisely defined goal. Thinking that a new kind of development species occurs by itself through a random process is exactly the same, as expecting that through the same random process a new version of Windows develops. Like in this example it is quite clear to everyone that a new Windows can not be developed like that, then surely it must be clear that no creature can develop like that. As there is a need for a smart programmer team, there is the need for an intelligent creator – God for the origin of life.

Wanting from blind mutability any change in the body of any being would be exactly the same as if you sat a five year old child to a computer with a 3D printer and you wanted from it for example to round edges in a determined radius on the resulting cube and it would begin to tap into the keyboard a poem, that it learned in kindergarten and some other characters :) You are laughing perhaps but exactly such a chance would have mutability in the creation of a new species. Moreover you need to start writing the program on a specified line, with an exact syntax and individual orders must be in an absolute exact order. Did you know that the DNA code has specified character sequences to determine the beginning and end of the registration? The language has some kind of syntax, rules and control mechanisms. If I want to change something, I have to know first of all what I want to change and how the result should look like. It follows that I must know exactly what changes in the proteins and enzymes achieve that change and subsequently I have to know how to code it into the DNA. But blind mutability does not know anything like that. Anyone who already came across programming will confirm you this. That program has by the way 3,2 billion characters. We have already said that these mechanisms God alone put into the DNA, they are not there by themselves and certainly not as random processes that would be developed by themselves, as it teaches the theory of evolution.

You can not influence a change in the body structure just through will. Thus, even if I wished that I had eyes, let us say on the crown of the head, I could think about it every day and still, eyes will not grow there, nor will they grow on my offsprings. Or in families where they have sport swimmers through generations, it is not observed that they began to form webbed feet, although it would be very well liked.

Mutability works ONLY within individuals of the same species, thus an interspecies generalization or the transferring of this principle to life in general HAS NEVER BEEN OBSERVED and is therefore wrong. In nature it has not been observed and it is not possible to crossbreed individuals otherwise than only within its kind. Thus, we can not generalize it to a group of birds because you can not crossbreed an eagle with a sparrow, an ostrich with a hen and others and therefore evolution is already failing in its very essence, as it is defined today as an universal general theory of the origin of life on earth, because this process is done ONLY within one species.

Another mistake is that mutability can be neither generalized. Selection, whether natural or artificial, you can breed horses with certain predispositions, for example heavy draft horses, fast riding horses and so on. It has never been observed though, that through the mutation of individuals of a species, another or a new species was created, thus offsprings of cats have been and always will be only cats and that applies to all species. Thus, through mutations only variations of the same species but NEVER a new or different kind which would bring next generations is created.

The generalization of mutability has no basis in observations and its transfer to the creation of new species is therefore absolutely incorrect and can not be supported by observations or by excavations.




Do you know the story of the frog? It is said that if you throw a frog into hot water it will get burned and jumps out. However, if you put it in a pot with cold water and warm the water up gradually, it will be cooked. And that is exactly what happened to our evolutionary views.

Evolutionists see in these two figures only one difference and that is a few million years before a human was developed from monkey ancestors and they actually consider them as distant relatives. With a little imagination and with a closed eye you could even believe it.

Let’s look at this evolutionary idea from a larger time interval. As evolutionists claim, all life on our planet originated somewhere in water from an unicellular organism. You see, here the similarity is not nearly as obvious. For a moment forget about all the animals that God created and look only at these two organisms. There you already need some really wild imagination if someone tells you that just like that, by itself, the human was developed from these cells on the left. To confuse your imagination some more he will say that it was developed during millions and millions of years. One can say “Well, during such a long time it is maybe possible”. Let us realize what forces and processes were involved during that. Yes, you guessed right, all this had to take place by total coincidence.

Some things one observes for the first time and can distinguish immediately the intervention of an intelligent being. Man is surrounded by nature and living beings from the first glance, as he opens his eyes, and the whole surroundings become natural for him. Evolutionary views are widespread and since childhood we are being imprinted with it and that is why it is quite difficult to break free from this template. Let us imagine for a moment that someone would not realize himself and he would survived his whole life on Mars. If he just suddenly saw a fly, I think it would be immediately clear to him that it is a creation from an intelligent creator and he would not doubt it even for a moment because he would not be influenced by stereotypes, the environment and other opinions. He would certainly distinguish more reliably what is possible through coincidence and what is beyond the capabilities of this method.




Although we can already read the whole genome, we still do not have control over it. We can not, for example, make changes in an emerging baby, wanting it to have green eyes, a height of 180 cm, blond hair, a pointy little nose, a birthmark on its cheek. Genetic engineers are already playing with the DNA and do all sorts of modifications, such as corn resistant to pests. We change genes just like that and we are happy about how well we are doing it. It is a very risky matter. None of us knows exactly what consequences such changes might have on people and nature in the future. What other things affect changes in a few genes. We do not quite see connections and continuity of these sophisticated mechanisms. We can thus inadvertently release some modified DNA into the world which can cause the extinction of life on earth.

It is as if we took a man from the street to the latest nuclear power plant of the future with many thousands of switches and controls, and he would start to switch the lever in any way and he would enjoy very much how much the hands on indicators deflect… but for how long? The human always wants to do good, but hopefully it will not turn out the way when the Chinese in 1958 wanted to increase the fertility of rice. They said to themselves, we will exterminate all the sparrows in the country and we will have a higher fertility of rice. In this they succeeded. Almost all birds were exterminated, but quite the opposite happened as they thought. Consequently, insects overpopulated and the harvest was historically the lowest ever. Or, when algae overpopulated in a lake and someone had the wise idea to deploy aggressive Asian fish there and they really succeeded. The algae disappeared. However, during the floods, these aggressive fish reached the surrounding country and began destroying native species. Or the deployment of rabbits in Australia. And one could continue with such examples, when men took the initiative in their hands and tried to intervene in he situation. The man focuses in one direction but can not estimate the full spectrum of consequences and contexts and the strike unexpectedly comes from the opposite side.





Skulls were found in excavations. These resembled the human ones but had other structure features than the skull of today’s man and evolutionists show this as evidence of evolution. As we have seen, body structure changes are possible only within a single species. Thus, it might be that before the humans might have had other features in the body structure. This only within its species, and it is not observed, nor possible to cross the limit of the human species. Thus, no evidence of evolution, just a possible change of some features of the human skeleton structure. This of course does not mean necessarily that the early man was blockheaded and not intelligent. Certainly, they did not have knowledge similar to today’s knowledge. In books these people are drawn gibbous, hairy, shaggy and with a raving appearance of the face, but this is due to the fertile imagination of the author and his efforts to adapt the facts to his theory. And meanwhile it might not even be necessarily bones belonging to men in the excavations. In addition, they found imprints of humans and dinosaurs footprints in petrified rock next to each other, which is according to the theory of evolution completely excluded because they should not occur simultaneously. In a rock of the same period a fossilized iron hammer with a handle was found. The chemical composition of this hammer is completely different from the iron produced by current technologies because it does not contain any carbon. Evolutionists are reliably overlooking this fact because it does not fit at all into their theories and it even subverts them completely.






A favorite evidence of the evolutionists is comparing human genes with those of other human beings. The indicated similarity of chimpanzee genes is 94-98% and this is according to them proof that the chimp is our ancestor. Did you know that humans and a plain banana have a genome identical to 55%? Does this mean that the banana is our ancestor? Or that the human is actually half a banana? Obviously neither statement is true. It just means that God used, during the entry of the development of the human, similar structural elements, composition, structure and construction of organs and the skeleton like in chimpanzees. It does not mean that it is our ancestor, it means only that it has a similar body construction and similar structure elements and therefore a similarity of the construction entry of the DNA. Thus, the method of comparison of the genome is not proof of evolution, but of the similarity of structure and composition of the body and therefore it does not prove anything about ancestors.


Evolutionists also like to claim that the similarity of the human hand structure and of other creatures is proof of evolution. It is of course also a mistake. It only shows that we have a common designer and that hand design proved well, so he used it with various modifications in different animals. That is all.

They give also the similarity of certain animal embryos in the early stages as proof of evolution. Look at this picture. Here, at a glance four identical objects developed and they appear to be exactly the same.

But it depends on your viewing angle, from what perspective and in what light you look at the thing. Just because something seems alike it does not necessarily mean anything else than that the creator used a principle of cell division and thus it is similar for a while.




As another thing I would like to point out that EVERY healthy animal on earth is perfect and viable. ALL healthy animals are so perfect that absolutely no human intervention is necessary, they do not have to repair surgically in all individuals of some sort some developmental defect, which would be a necessary concomitant evolutionary phenomenon, if there was any. It could have happened for example, that the feet of each human would be in the wrong direction. Or the head on the opposite, etc. Nothing like that is visible. Everything is absolutely perfect. In the Bible it says that God was content with it and it is also seen.

pict. wikipedia

All organs have necessary components to fulfill their function and through the shape and composition they accurately fulfill their role in the proper functioning of the body. For example, let us take the ear. The eardrum, the hammer, the anvil, the stirrup, the cochlea and others. Nothing is in addition and nothing is missing, all particles have the correct shape, are from the correct material, are in the right order and the whole thing is designed for specific functions that they perform perfectly: the perception of sound. Eye – the exact same thing. The lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, every organ is just perfect to the smallest detail. Everything works as it should. Or the skeleton. In the spine each vertebra is adapted to the adjacent vertebrae and holds everything securely.

Recently a deer jumped in front of my car. My car was half crumpled and she galloped seamlessly into the forest. An absolutely perfect living piece of the masterful Creator.


Another fascinating feature of living beings are self-correcting processes. If I break my leg, then the crack between the bones is filled with bone tissues, when your skin is injured, the wound heals with skin cells, the vain also heals with the same cells, if I lose or give blood, it is refilled. These are all highly sophisticated processes, but since it works exactly as expected, no one even does think about it not being so obvious.




Each body part contains exactly the necessary elements that are needed to do a special function and there is nothing missing, nothing extra, everything has the correct shape, everything made out of the right material, all is properly linked to each other and this in every living individual at the first attempt. Everything is beautiful. The process of cell division is a huge miracle. This is not a mindless division, that would create a mass, as when bread dough rises; or let us look at the shape of the tumor. That is a division with no higher purpose. At the creation of a new life the cells divide, seemingly nothing is controlling the division and still, every cell knows what part of the body exactly to create what shape to take and if from the cell a muscle, bone or a vitreous of the eye should be formed. The cells know which way to divide and when to stop dividing. It is not obvious that during the whole process of growth all neighboring parts of the body fit together exactly. Thus the rim of the hip joint is still adapted to the shape of the bones, which are moving inside of it. It will not happen, that the case would widen more, or into the wrong shape and that the bone would fall from it. Each one of adjacent bones in the body grows exactly with respect to its adjacent bone throughout the development. For the eye, heart, brain and other organs it applies as well. Of course this mastery of total perfection we see in all the creation. This would not be possible at all for “coincidental” processes of the mutability, how evolutionists defined it.

The miracle of the beating heart can not be justified in a way that in some cells there were regular convulsions :) Who once got a cramp in the leg knows that the cramp is miles away from the contractions of the heart. The heart makes in the course of a person’s life about a billion hits. Without stopping, without the slightest break. The rate of the beats is at the same time adapting to stress. The heart has perfectly made chambers and valves and all veins are properly connected. The heart function is meanwhile completely independent from our consciousness, it is completely automatic. If a person had to consciously focus on every single heartbeat, it would be well past life on earth. So all this, my friends, is statistically quite impossible that it could be a coincidence and certainly not on the first try. We are only trying to discover just how cleverly the Lord created it. This is the mystery of God Himself, and we can only humbly pay tribute.




Evolution does not know any way to answer the question, what came first, the egg or the chicken? This is of course a problem for all the animals that hatch from eggs, for example snakes, birds, turtles and others. This problem of evolution is much more severe and widespread as it would seem. Have you ever wondered how the first mammal evolved? Where did it evolve, under a tree? Or somewhere in the puddle on the ground? In which mother’s body developed the first lion? After all, it was the first and thus at that time there was no mother! Women who undergo risk pregnancy, could tell what a fragile thing it is. Thinking about the development of the fetus outside the mother’s body is at least utopia. We know that many creatures need for their development a mother and therefore this problem is very wide. Here we see very well that the main engines of evolution, mutation and natural selection are receiving big cracks.




Another myth that we will immediately refute is that the evolution of living organisms has reached this level of development over millions and millions of years. Let us imagine how might have developed the first, a little more evolved individual. Through mutation (by coincidence) after some attempts arose an individual. But this one, however, did not have one artery properly connected and did not survive. In another attempt, from a large number of rejects, he had a fused mouth and no holes in the nose, so he suffocated. In another mutation developed an individual which had everything in order, but his eyeballs were made of nontransparent material, so he did not see anything and died of starvation because he could not find any food. Let us admit that another was born perfectly fine, but evolution forgot to create mammary glands to his mother, so the poor thing died from hunger. To the next one it forgot to start the heart. The bones of another one did not fit to each other and he was just a pile of meat and bones. Another one completely lacked a liver. And so I could go on forever I guess. There would be much more nonfunctional things in the body at the same time and not just one. Just one irregularity in the body structure or in other circumstances and the individual will not survive. Everything can be absolutely perfect, but if only one little thing goes wrong then none of it would be. I suppose it is not necessary to emphasize that with each failed attempt the whole sequence completely disappears and it has to start from scratch.

Another factor that is extremely important is SIMULTANEOUSLY; at the same time; in that very moment developed the male and the female. And of course it could not be that one developed here and the other ten thousand kilometers away. It probably would not work, right? :) Any mathematician will confirm that when there is a desired status in the probability 1: billion, it is statistically proven that another compliance with the following complex phenomenon occurs only after many, many millions of attempts and is therefore totally excluded that immediately right after each other occurred two matches. Thus, should a man develop then the woman according to this principle would develop perhaps after a few million years, and that would neither work, because she would not have anyone to procreate offsprings. I just remind you that on the outside they have almost the same body structure, but yet totally different reproductive organs, which must be compatible with each other and in doing so all the vital functions have to work as they should. And this brutal coincidence would have to be repeated for every animal that lives in pairs. And that is not everything. Their genome must at the same time contain complete information on their current structure and development of the body the same for male as for the female, with precise information about the smallest details of each body and they have to be compatible with each other. We know that scientists have attempted interspecies crossbreeding, but without success. Explain to me please how reproductive organs can be developed, if any slightest irregularity would automatically lead to the disappearance of this kind, because the next generation of offsprings would not come into the world. At the same time the whole body should be at the time 100% operational. Or how could a fish in water gradually develop gills? If they will not develop at the very first attempt, the fish will suffocate and evolution is ended. The same is true for the development of the heart, and in general for many vital critical organs. What did I mean to say? That the animal did not evolve for millions of years but all living conditions had to be met simultaneously, AT ONCE during ONE generation!!! Thus, no billions of years, but only one generation, in other words, at the moment when God created all with his word. Did you ever realize this? In this light the theory of evolution crumbles to dust. It is nice to watch a living creature, as God created it, but we see that those methods can not be generalized to the global principle of the origin of life.




If there were in the eye instead of light sensitive macula taste buds, instead of the ear drum the lens of the eye, kidneys would be missing entirely and instead of the heart would be a bladder. How could blind evolution help itself with it. By trial and error it would not be repaired even after gazillion years, simply NEVER because coincidence would not know how it should be correct. There might be, of course, even more errors at the same time. As we have seen before, completely all organs would have to match correctly at the same moment. Here is a clear proof that behind all this is an intelligent creator – God. Please, what is the probability that blind evolution would create such an absolutely perfect body through random trials and errors? And, of course, not just a single organism, but every living creature on earth! For coincidence it is an unreachable level.




Another so called evidence of the evolutionists is the known Miller-Urey experimentt, when through electrical charges it was managed under certain conditions to create various amino acids from water, methane, ammonia and hydrogen. However, no nucleic acid was created. It turned out, however, that the earth had in the early stages a completely different composition of the atmosphere and the experiment brought with this formulation entirely different results. Needless to say, that such kind of atmosphere would kill everything living. It is as if I began after discovering iron in ore to exult that now I know how the car was created. Of course, without a creator there is no creation.




There also some who argue that life on Earth is of extraterrestrial origin. This of course does not resolve the matter, it only postpones the problem to another location.


We know that many are trying to find extraterrestrial life in the universe. This effort is also based on mathematical probability that in such a large number of stars there have to be somewhere statistically conditions suitable for life. Now we see that it is not about appropriate conditions but the decision of the Creator. Or another known thought is that it would be a waste of space if we were the only ones in the entire universe. I will give you a question. How much will vanish from infinite space, if we separate a big part as is our universe? Infinity is still infinite. God is not limited by our time and space and what seem gigantic, God considers a speck.




You know the saying: “Without the wind not even a leaf moves“? Do you know that it is basically a fundamental scientific law – the principle of causality, which defines that every effect must have its cause. This means that nothing, I repeat NOTHING happens without a cause. Basically, science based on this law must deal with the answer to the question, what was the primary cause. What caused the big bang, or what science considers the origin of the universe. Under this law something had to cause this phenomenon. What was at the very beginning? It seems to be a vicious circle and science helplessly got rid of this problem by moving it into philosophy. The Bible gives even the answer to this question in the first chapter of the Gospel of John at the beginning of the book of Genesis. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.The same was in the beginning with God.All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

The first law of thermodynamics says that energy in an isolated system is constant. That means that energy can not be produced nor destroyed. It says the physical law. So from where is therefore all the energy in the universe? Some say that it appeared after the “big bang”. But the law still says that energy can not be produced! What did then explode and from where did it take so much energy? This is also scientific evidence of the existence of God. Only Almighty God, who does not have a beginning nor an end can create something like this. His word is enough and things happen.

The very essence of science is to examine and define patterns of phenomena and processes around us which can be proved or calculated. It would be unreasonable to say that what we can not demonstrate experimentally does not exist at all. And this is a stumbling block for people. Why? Because we only discover and slowly come to realize that it is actually God who figured all out and did everything. Science will come to a dead end if we do not admit that God really exists and is the creator of everything. It seems to be unscientific and weakling if science admits that behind it all is God, but this is the only way.

Man at some point in his pride considers himself as the master of all creation and as the top of wisdom. We invent many bizarre theories and declare them to be true and yet we know that we are prone to err. It can be seen nicely on the theories about the universe or about the particles on the atomic levels, as many promising-looking theories were eventually completely ruled out. Man, the top of intelligence and creation. After all, let us look at what the human thought would be perfect and functioning. DaVinci’s helicopter or a device to fly for men, where he would have to flap wings. Masterpieces of the human genius and yet they are failures unable to fly which were just a copy from nature. Let us not be afraid to admit that there is someone greater than us. It is not a sign of weakness, but of maturity.




Each person should be able to recognize the result of coincidence and the work of the Creator. The whole universe and therefore all what we see on Earth is the work of the Creator, but the inanimate matter affects only the laws of physics, so it is not so noticeable and it is considered to be coincidental. All laws, physical constants are by the way also set precisely and even Einstein himself believed that behind it all must be a Creator. The evolutionary theory fooled us perfectly in a way that a seemingly clear decision is not so clear at all due to the opinions of evolutionists which you hear again and again from all sides. A 100x repeated lie becomes the truth.

Let us take humans and many other creatures that have a symmetrical body. And we know that it is not a strict symmetry because the internal organ arrangement is not symmetrical. What is the chance that a coincidence could create such a symmetry. I think zero. Moreover, the man and the woman are attractive and beautiful for each other. And this is true in all of the creation. The female’s pheromones are attractive just for the male species. A deer is not sexually attracted to a wild boar, but he is attracted to a female belonging to him and he looks for her exactly when it is time. And this division into pairs nicely works in all of nature.



I suppose that almost everyone has an own cell phone. Many even have a smartphone. It is a complex device with its processor, memory, battery to be recharged, a several megapixel camera, microphone, speakers, etc. It can make calculations, store pictures and videos, communicate. In short, a very complicated device. Everybody knows and NOONE on earth doubts that that phone was made by someone. Let us look at the human. He can do everything I mentioned the smartphone can do. The human eye is much more sensitive than the best camera on a phone, we hear and we also can communicate; we also need to recharge our batteries in the fridge :), we have a bigger memory, we can do mathematical operations in our head, and our processor (brain) is as powerful as a supercomputer, we can also move and even procrastinate children, but the most important thing is that we have an intelligence and the ability to create new things and creative thinking. In addition, we have a soul which is actually our essence and once it will stand before its Creator, when the Lord will ask us how we used the time that he measured us.

And here everyone believed the evolutionist lie that it was created just like that by itself during millions of years. Is it not strange?!? The human is much more mature than a cell phone, so why do we not doubt that the cell phone has its creator and the to the human it is denied.




Darwin and the evolutionists claim that the human is just some kind of a higher developed animal with chimpanzee ancestors. After the death of the biological function there is nothingness – the end.

God says that man is created in His image and other creatures are created here for him. Death is not the end for us, on the contrary, Jesus has gained us admission into God’s presence, to those which did not decline him. We are not the work of coincidence, we are God’s creatures, and if we accept Him into our life, we will also be children of God and His sons and daughters and heirs of the Kingdom of God.




You probably know the biblical story of the creation of man from the book Genesis, how God took Adam’s rib, and closed up the flesh instead thereof and created a woman out of the rib. Genesis 2:21-22 Did you know that the Bible also fits exactly with science? It is no coincidence that in the Bible is mentioned a rib and not a tooth or a thumb. The human has 24 ribs. So if we remove one, we will get 23 and that is exactly the number of chromosomes in reproductive cells. Ribs are in pairs and the chromosomes are in pairs as well. Did you know that in contrast to a woman, the man is missing an X chromosome in the body, which does not have a pair! You can see that each chromosome in a woman’s body has its pair, also X. And it is exactly the X chromosome, which by the way also decides on the sex, the man has only one, and it is accompanied by an Y chromosome. The Bible is also in this totally accurate, as it is expressed in terminology corresponding to the former level of knowledge and expression. In the Bible there are many things expressed through parables, and this could also be one of them.


Human chromosomes

pict. wikipedia




Jesus said: In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. Thus, Jesus himself is preparing a place for us in heaven with the heavenly Father. Imagine it, YOU have a place in heaven ready. We will move there when the heart of our earthly abode stops. Imagine a beautiful big house in the most beautiful part of the city you are living in and you come and knock and when the Lord of the house opens you say: Hello, I come to live with you, because my house already fell apart; I am moving in with you, although we do not know each other. I have lived quite politely and I did not kill anyone. However, imagine that you have already heard about that Lord, but yet you were absolutely not interested in him, ignored him and you did not want to have anything to do with him. Maybe you even ridiculed and talked badly about him. Would it not be arrogant now to want to move in with him? You do not get to heaven thanks to your blameless life. Sin is what separates us from holy God. Many live in lies saying that they actually do not have sins. God left us here fortunately a book, in which His words are written, recommendations and orders from the Creator himself. It says: who thinks that he is without sin is a liar. John 1:8

I guess all of us have lied or stolen something in our life. A man who only thinks lustfully at a woman has sinned. Or someone who is just angry at someone deserves death. (Matthew 5:20 to 22, Mark 10:19; Matthew 5:28 to 30) If we now stood before the Lord and we would be judged according to the Bible, each of us would be guilty. If we compare ourselves with other people, we might seem clean as the snow, but compared to the holy God we are all unworthy and we are not able to move closer to God with all our strength. In the Bible is written in many places that such an applicant for the heavenly abode will be thrown into the darkness and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If you ignored the Lord until now, our Creator, you have good reason to be afraid.

You might say that you will have time for God when you will be old and retired, that you will maybe sometimes go to church. How do you know if you will still be alive next week? Even faith is a gift from God and it is not a matter of course. I know an older man who said: “How much I would like to believe, but now I can not anymore.” Do not miss your gracious time and do not procrastinate. Do it now. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple.

Jesus already paid the ransom for you through his life. Romans 5:6 to 11 You do not have to die anymore, heaven is open. Therefore, it is indispensable to build a relationship with our heavenly Father. Recognize your sins, turn away from them and purify yourself through repentance in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Seek Him, ask His will every day, strengthen in the Eucharist, try to learn as much as possible about Him, show Him honor and praise, which he rightly deserves, reciprocate his love toward us, so that we can spend time in common joy with Him. God is longing almost jealously for you and he wants the whole you. This is the meaning of our existence. Not to mention that with God it is much better to overcome difficulties, which are nowadays so many. Life with God is not boring, on the contrary, it is an adventure. God has for each of us a plan prepared and it is up to us to recognize and fulfill it.


Many baptized Christians experience daily that God is alive and that we are not indifferent to him and I can only confirm it. Just be open to God, do not to be afraid to tell him your YES and every one of us will be able to experience the amazing wonder of God’s presence. Ii is definitely worth it because we have only one life, only one attempt to decide by myself whether I accept the invitation of our Creator who calls us all to himself. I can ignore it and be indifferent about it, but with this I unknowingly choose the second option, life in an eternal separation from a loving dad, life in eternal torment. It seems so simple, but despite all this, most of humanity is walking in the dark into the abyss. It is so easy to save oneself. You do not have to worry that he would not accept you. Come to Him as you are. If you do not know how to start, then call impassioned for God with all your soul and he will hear you. Just accept His invitation, let Him into your interior and hand him in your life. The Bible says: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works. Overcome your fears and concerns that you would destroy your life because of him. That is a Satan’s lie. God gave you life and he wants in return from you to say: It is worth it because this short life is just nothing compared to the wonderful eternity. The choice is only in your hands. God will give you a new heart and will see the things of this world as nothing, he will free you from dependence. Jesus is the only way to the Father.

I suppose that perhaps every Christian is looking forward to heaven. But we have around us our loved ones, and even distant ones, which perhaps you have to break away from the doom. And when we save ourselves together, then there will be joy in heaven.

Did after this talk change your view of the evolution? The evolutionary theory is leaky as swiss cheese, based on the mangled conclusions and in complete conflict with the observations of the current state of the ongoing evolution. If any evolution would have ever taken place.

Darwin’s theory is the greatest deception in the history of mankind. It is such a silly theory, but unfortunately mankind will probably hold to it as long as it can because nonbelievers do not have another theory, so it is better to have something silly than absolutely nothing. Otherwise, they would have to admit that there really is a Creator, the Lord of all that exists, God Almighty – and nonbelievers would cease to be nonbelievers. But this is the only correct way out.

I want to ask you to share this e-book, send it to your friends and acquaintances so that as many people as possible learn the truth about their origins and about the meaning of life. Put it on Facebook, or into your email and maybe it will help some valuable people for whom you care :)

Based on these uncovered insights I ask from competent people to begin to teach the theory of creation through God in schools as an equivalent theory to the theory of evolution. I believe that time will also bring that one day the theory of God’s creation will be taught as the only right one.

God is our creator and also wants to be your Savior. Come to him and give him the most precious thing you have – your life, and He will give you eternal life in return. Do it NOW.